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Kosovo Erasmus+ Office (KEO)

Erasmus+ programme in Kosovo is managed by Kosovo Erasmus+ Office (KEO) and covers all support, promotion and dissemination activities related to the higher and vocational education dimension as well as training youth and sports action of the Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027.

The main objective of Kosovo Erasmus+ Office is to implement the international dimension of Erasmus+ programme and not only in the field of HE, but also in the new fields of VET, youth and sport, through actions opened to third countries non-associated to the programme (previously called Partner Countries).

KEOs overall objective is to promote activities of the published Erasmus+ Call for Proposals but also focus its efforts on the:

  • dissemination and exploitation of project results,

  • networking activities with core stakeholders,

  • creating synergies with other EU programs and international donor activities.

Starting the new programme (2021-2027), Kosovo Erasmus+ Office is responsible for:

  • providing information about Erasmus+ activities that are open to the participation of their countries (including in the fields of higher education, youth, VET, and sports);

  • advising and assisting potential applicants;

  • coordinating the local team of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs);

  • contributing to studies and events;

  • providing support to policy dialogue;

  • maintaining contacts with the local authorities and EU delegations;

  • following policy developments in the field of higher education in their country.

While assisting EC, EACEA and EUOK, in implementation of international dimension of Erasmus+ programme, KEO follows very closely the national policies in the field of HE, VET, Youth and Sport.

Click the link for more information about the programme guide (2021-2027):


KEO Staff:

Mimika Dobroshi – Coordinator

Blerinë Zjaça Osmani – Project Officer for Prishtina Office

Goran Lazic – Project Officer for Mitrovica Branch Office

Elheme Selmani Rexhepi – Finance and Admin Manager

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