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Overview and Objectives

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

It has an estimated budget of €26.2 billion. This is nearly double the funding compared to its predecessor programme (2014-2020).

The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

It supports priorities and activities set out in the European Education Area, Digital Education Action Plan and the European Skills Agenda. The programme also

  • supports the European Pillar of Social Rights

  • implements the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027

  • develops the European dimension in sport

Our Programs

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Lirim Mehmetaj, Student

I am Lirim Mehmetaj, a student from Kosovo at the University of Prishtina. Last winter semester, and currently this summer semester, I am studying at the University of Salzburg. By coming and being part of a new living and studying environment it was pretty interesting, but also challenging and very demanding. Referring to life in Salzburg, you can easily find yourself traveling into times because Salzburg indeed is a very old city filled with culture. Small and narrow alleys, paved with stones at the old part of the town, are impressive. Moreover, University is filled with students of different countries from all around the world, therefore every new acquaintance, except a new friendship is also a lesson which makes you know and understand better the diversity and multiculturalism. Erasmus is a great opportunity for Kosovar students to study and travel abroad. It is awesome that this kind of program gave me the chance to meet the world and meet new experiences, because I as a Kosovar citizen, cannot always travel freely.

Fatjona Hoti, Student

"In life to be successful, you have to face challenges... and most of the time these challenges will make you understand yourself, life itself and your skills".

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